How to Liquidate My Company for Free

How to Liquidate My Company for FreeFirstly we will quickly explain what a liquidation is. Liquidation is a term used in accounting to describe the process of closing down a company and ceasing trade. When the company is brought to an end, assets will then be sold off and the money will be distributed between shareholders [...]

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What is a Sole Trader?

What is a Sole Trader?A sole trader is an individual who operates a business on their own. They will still be classed as self-employed, however, they will also be the sole owner of the business they work for.When you are a sole trader there will be no legal distinction between yourself and your business. You [...]

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What is High Court Enforcement?

What is high court enforcement?When a creditor is owed money by you, then those creditors can make a claim against you through the High Courts. This is called High Court Enforcement.If the amount owed is over £5000 then any claims made would be passed onto the High Courts for overseeing. Anything under £5000 will be [...]

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Company Liquidation: What Are Your Options?

Company Liquidation: What Are Your Options?What is the liquidation of a company?Liquidation is a term many business owners dread.But while it may be feared, company liquidation is very common. Liquidation is where a company uses its assets to pay off its debts. To go into more detail, the assets from the business are ‘liquidated’ or turned [...]

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What Is A Company Voluntary Arrangement?

What is a company voluntary arrangement?If your company is insolvent then under the UK insolvency law, you can enter into a company voluntary arrangement (also known as a CVA). A company voluntary arrangement is a legally binding agreement between an insolvent company and its creditors. The CVA allows the insolvent company to repay all or [...]

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What Is A Winding Up Order?

What is a winding up order?A winding up order is something that many business owners dread. In the world of business, failure is sometimes inevitable and often managing a situation effectively is more important than trying to prevent it from happening.At Anderson Brookes, we specialise in providing personal and business debt advice to people throughout [...]

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